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Thank you for visiting our page: it is a pleasure to serve you in what you need, On this page you will find, Small businesses, specials and promotions, Companies, specials and Products, and corporations, advertising campaigns. OUR NEWSPAPER / MAGAZINE

-The Society Page in Spanish: We are at the service of the communities in New Jersey: in Atlantic County, Cumberland County, Ocean County New Jersey. and many more in the future. THE SOCIETY PAGE EN ESPAÑOL

-The Society Page in Spanish: We offer Services of Copies, Postcards, Business Card, Banner, Signs and much more. Small Businesses, Publications, and Big Promotions. -Thank you for visiting us, Enjoy the Tour.

Our Team

Jorge Restrepo

Editor / Publisher

Michelle Tomko


Dave Griffin


The articles written by


Vivian Matos

Coach V

Chief Executive Officer - JORGE RESTREPO.jpg

Jorge Restrepo


Angela Restrepo - VP Marketing.jpg

Angela Restrepo

Art Manager

elsi matos - Marketing Director.jpg

Elsi matos

Art Director

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